Where will the tuition take place?
Online, on authentic web conferencing site, with latest features available for live online meetings.

When will the tuition take place?
At an agreed scheduled day and time. Best effort will be made to accommodate learner’s schedule and time zone.

What happens if I need to re-schedule or cancel a lesson?
If you do have to re-schedule a lesson, please make sure to let me know as early as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice.

How much will my tuition cost?
Please see our Courses page for more information on prices.

What are the advantages of private tuition?
With private tuition, the learner has the teacher’s full attention and it ensures that your course content fits his/her exact requirements.

How will you assess my level?
Except for true beginners, there will be an informal assessment to determine what is already known and what may need to be reviewed.

Will I need books?
No books will be needed. Online resources will be provided.

How do I pay for my tuition?
We accept payment via Paypal only. With Paypal you can pay with most major debit/credit cards and it is not necessary for you to have a Paypal account in order to make payment. All courses must be paid for in full before sessions will commence.